A very simple weekly, daily & night natural hair regimen

Here is a very simple sample regimen that you can use as a base in creating your own individualized regimen.


  • Wash, condition and deep condition the hair. After completing the cleansing and conditioning process, you should apply your leave-in conditioner and seal the hair to retain moisture. You can then proceed to style your hair in whichever style you choose.


  • Moisturize, moisturize, moisturize and seal. This is very important as this makes the hair more manageable. I moisturize my hair by spritzing  my hair with warm water from a spray bottle( I use warm water because I have low porosity hair), and then seal with my shea butter mixture to keep the moisture in my hair. Moisture makes the hair elastic so it can manage the daily manipulation.

Night routine:

  • Sleep with a satin/silk hair scarf or bonnet every single night. You want to protect your hair from rubbing on the cotton sheets and pillow cases because this will rob the hair of its moisture and cause breakage. You can also try sleeping on a satin pillow case if you don’t like wrapping your hair up.

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