Brace yourselves, Winter is here!

By Yolanda Malembe

The season all Naturals dread; WINTER!
Days are getting shorter, nights are getting colder, and our curls are the collateral damage.

Curly and coily hair tends to be quite climate sensitive. Cold weather can cause to slow growth, dry hair and increased likelihood of breakage. Harmless summer hair routine elements can actually be damaging to strands in the winter. So what should we do to ensure a happy, healthy hair even in the colder months?
Earth Hair has your back ;)

  • Moisture! Moisture! Moisture: The most important aspect of any natural hair journey, is even MORE important now. Mist your strands with Earth’s “Detangling & Softening Moisture Spray” day and night, allow it to absorb and then be sure to lock in that moisture with a sealant. 

  • Oil up: Now is the time to buddy up with Earth’s “Hairline & Scalp Rescue: Strengthening Growth Oil”. Apply directly onto your scalp regularly and massage in to encourage a healthy and supple base for your strands to grow from. The ends of our hair strands are also especially vulnerable in this season so be sure to oil them up as well. 
  • Conditioner is your new best friend: Double up on its use and it will help keep your hair nourished and ready to brave the harsh winter winds. Be careful to not apply Earth’s “Softening & Repair Leave-in Conditioner” to wet hair or straight after a shower, as you could lose the impact of the product if it slides/drops off the strands as opposed to properly penetrating and lightly coating the hair. Rather gently towel dry and then spray on product.
  • Cover your hair: The best strategy for your hair in winter is protective styling. Braids and wraps allow your hair to be hidden and tucked-away from the nippy conditions outside. Your hair still needs your care even while it is styled so be sure to still continue with your daily moisture regimen. Always cover your hair – preferably with a satin bonnet – before bed. 

  • Be Gentle: Your hair strands are extra fragile in winter so avoid exposing it to extra strain. Minimize exposure to heat and combing as this could lead to breakage. Also, be careful of the hats and caps, as the material in them can also cause more breakage; opt for one’s silk lining or simply put a satin cover between your hair and your hat. 

Protip: Do NOT wash-and-go in the winter time! Strands will freeze, become brittle and BREAK!

Have an easy and simple routine that fits you and your hair. Remember & apply the above tips and you won’t just survive the winter but thrive amidst it. Have an Earth Natural winter!

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