How to grow healthier, longer hair … Faster!

By Yolanda Malembe

The first truth you should know about your hair, regardless of your curl type, is that it GROWS! However, what sometimes causes us to feel our hair is not growing is actually because it is breaking at a faster rate than it is producing new length.

Here’s how you can decrease breakage and subsequently increase growth and retain healthy hair:

  1. A clean scalp promotes hair growth. Going weeks or even months without washing is working against your healthy hair growth because the dirtier your hair and scalp is, the more clogged your pores are.Wash your hair with the Moisture Rich Sulphate-free Shampoo a minimum of once a week and a maximum of every 3 days so as to ensure you’re also not over cleansing and drying out your strands. 
  2. In our hair tip this Sunday we mentioned the importance of taking care of your ends! This is because this part of the hair is usually the most neglected when in actuality it is the one most exposed to elements and manipulation. Ends break off if you do not take care of them and this will lead to ‘stunted’ growth because you are not retaining length.Use the Hairline & Scalp Rescue: Strengthening Growth Oil or the Double Moisture Hair Butter to seal those ends and lock in moisture.
  1. The less you manipulate your hair, the happier it will be. Hair tends be rather temperamental and it will respond better to you if you style, pull and heat it less. Manipulation can cause lots of strand breakage and it is important that you supplement your strands with strength from the Softening & Repair Leave-in Conditioning Spray. 
  2. HYDRATE! The rule applies in any and every health journey, even for your hair. Sprits your hair and scalp with Detangling & Softening Moisture Spray daily or as needed to ensure your hair gets the moisture and hydration it requires for luscious, bouncy curls. 
  3. Last but certainly not least, always remember that your body is a system, and the hair is a part of that system. The better care you take care of yourself inside – through exercise, drinking water & eating right – the better the outside (hair, skin & nails) will be. As with in, so with out! 

Now that we’ve given you these tips and you have the EARTH Natural Hair Products Complete Care Pack, you can start applying the right hair habits & getting closer to your healthy hair growth goals!

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