How to protect your hair from smoke this season?

By Yolanda Malembe

It’s officially summer - and the invites to picnic’s and braai’s are rolling in. Here’s how you can keep your hair clean and smelling good in the midst of all the smoke.

As much as we all hate it, hair catches and holds on to smoke quite easily. There’s a couple of things you can do to protect your hair without having to dry out your strands by washing it every other day

  1. Covers & Headwraps – the easiest and possibly most effect way to protect your hair from smelling of smoke and catching smog, is simply by hiding it away by using a headscarf or any reasonably sized material you have and wrap it up.

  2. Up-do’s – these are great because they are low maintenance and keep the majority of your strands tucked away. Your hair will likely still be effected by the smoke but it will only be to a minimum. EARTH Natural Hair Products do not contain any harmful ingredients but more than that, customers absolutely love the different natural smells that the natural oils and herbs create. This means you can trust the range to mask the smell of smoke while also protecting and nourishing your hair.

  3. Products – coating your hair with some EARTH leave-in conditioning spray can make a huge difference. Alternatively, you can also use the EARTH moisture spray and follow with the EARTH double moisture hair butter to provide a sealant that will keep your moisture in, and the smoke out.

  4. Co-wash – The extra activities we all get up to during the festive season, traveling, swimming, sweating & braai’ing; you can find yourself feeling like your strands need a wash more often than not. However, washing your hair more than every 4 days can be rather harsh for the African hair strand. Instead, you can co-wash your hair!
    Which means washing your hair with the EARTH Conditioning Cream or the EARTH Conditioning Spray. You will get the refreshed hair you need without losing too much moisture and strength. 

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