“I’m ready to become natural, but where do I begin?”

By Yolanda Malembe

“I’m ready to become natural, but where do I begin?”

This is very common question and minor hindrance in people beginning their natural hair journey; they simply do not where to start.

So you have been chemically processing your hair for most of your life, or exposing it to so much heat and harmful styling that it’s gotten weak and even brittle. You want stronger, richer and healthier hair.

You can begin your natural hair journey in one if 3 ways :

1. The Big Chop: Cutting majority of your hairs length off and starting from the beginning with growing your hair again. This time armed with the right knowledge and products to give you full and nourished hair. This is great way to jump right in to your journey and working with one texture from the beginning.

2. Transition then Chop: Growing your hair out naturally and discontinuing chemical straightening/processing. Once your hair has grown out to your satisfaction , only then do you cut off your remaining chemically processed hair. This is nice way to beginning your journey without necessarily compromising the convenience of easier styling due to length.

3. Transition: Stopping all chemical processing/relaxer use on your hair. Letting your hair grow out with its natural curl pattern and simply letting this continue until your hair weak relaxed ends fall out on their out. This is a slower entrance into natural hair but effective none-the- less.

Protip: Managing two different textures on your hair during a transition can require more attentive maintenance. Use the complete EARTH hair care pack to aid your journey.

How was your transition into natural hair ? Did you learn and nifty tricks along the way? Share with us in the comments below.

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