By Yolanda Malembe

Detangling Earth Hair

There is nothing quite as agonizing as having to deal with knots in your hair. If you keep  your hair natural, you know all too well how easily these can occur. There is no way real way to get rid of knots for good, no matter how you keep your hair. There are however some bad hair habits that contribute to how often and how severe they occur.

To keep your strands from knotting, it is wise to regularly DETANGLE your hair by applying the “Softening & Repair Leave-In Conditioning Spray”, allowing it to penetrate for about 20 seconds and then gently using your fingers to detangling your hair. You can then stretch your hair by leaving it in two strand twists or styling it however you please.

Most people also make the common mistake of not being cautious of the type of shampoo they use on their curls. The “Moisture Rich Sulphate-Free Shampoo” is a great because it is not harsh on your curls and does not strip the hair of its natural nutrients.
Moisturised and nourished hair is less likely to experience knotting.

Pro-Tip: Combing dry & brittle hair in an attempt to get knots out, will only lead to your hair tearing and breaking off. Rather use your hands to moisturize and work through any knots to prevent losing hair.

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