Seasons Change: Kinks and Coils re-arrange - Summer VS Winter

By Yolanda Malembe

Summer, Autumn, Winter, Spring & repeat. The seasons cycle is consistent. So how does this affect your hair?

Kinky Hair

Your hair is an extension of your skin. So the same way you may need to adjust your skin care routine to accommodate the weather, the same applies to your hair!

  1. In Winter your hair cuticle is tighter, however in Summer your cuticle is more open and absorbs products and/or outside elements more. So this means that giving your hair a more regular or slightly more intense cleanse in the warmer months is a great idea.
  2. In Winter, humidity is lower in the air and hence your skin and hair are drier, resulting in the need for heavier creams and butters. In summer however, the opposite occurs as the humidity in the air is higher. 

Your hair moisture must combat or balance the humidity in Summer. You do not want the moisture in your curls to be less than that of the air because this actually increases frizz as your strands literally “reach out” for moisture from the air.

This seems complex but really it’s not at all. Basically, what you need to do is balance the relationship between the environment (air) and your body (hair)

In colder months, the air is drier and pulls its moisture from wherever it can get it. In this case this would be our skin and hair.

In warmer months, the air has more moisture and hence it doesn’t need to draw too much from us so lighter, more fluid products are suitable for your curls.

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