The right way to take down your Protective Hairstyle

By Yolanda Malembe

Having braids & twists is a great way to keep your hair tucked away. Your hair gets an opportunity to grow without too much manipulation.

The take-down process done right, means you remove your braids and twists with minimal shedding or breakage.

  • Firstly always mist your hair with the “Detangling & Softening Moisture Spray”. Ensuring your hair is moisturising before take down assist in giving your hair elasticity and minimizing breakage.
  • Proceed with gently undoing your braids as usual: do not tug or pull, as this will damage your sensitive hair ends.
  • Once this is done; separate your hair into sections and mist each section with the “Softening & Repair Leave-in Conditioning Spray. Allow the Conditioning Spray to penetrate your hair and any knots that may be in your strands and then gently finger detangle each section. 

Protip: Using your fingers when working with your, particlularly during Detangling is always the best way to avoid unnecessary shedding and damage to your hair. If you prefer to use a combs; wide tooth combs are less damaging to your strands so always opt for these.

Watch video below:

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