What to get and how to keep it?

By Yolanda Malembe

The most common and effective way most curly haired beauties choose to keep their curls – especially in the winter time - is in a protective style.

There is so many options to choose from:

Two strand twists : 

These typically last about 3-5 days. They offer minimal protection for your curls against winter winds and it is quick and easy to style your hair in this way.

Cornrows :

These come in so many variations and styles. Lasting about 2-3 weeks typically and taking roughly 2-3 hours to install.

Tucks away hair ends well, however strand protection is still only minimal hair.

Extended braids & twists :

These are quite versatile. They can be anything from “box-braids” to “havanna twists”. These styles generally last twice as long as “cornrows”.  

Crochet braids & twists 

Much like the extended braids and twists. However, here, the look is achieved with slightly less strain on your hair.

Strands are completely covered in this style.

Faux/ Yarn Dreads:

This style is great way to try out the ‘dreaded’ look without having to permanently lock your own hair.

 Depending on how one chooses to install these; medium to complete coverage of the strands can be achieved. With proper haircare and maintenance, style last 4-6 weeks.

Weaves & Wigs :  

A common choice for those looking to experiment with different texture hair, without having to alter their natural hair’s curl pattern. 

Depending on style chosen, this can also be quite versatile and easy to change-up and manipulate.

If no natural hair is left out/visible for ‘blending’, then strands can achieve maximum coverage.

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